What Inspires You? From Etsy Business Forum

StuffbyKim said, "I just love to read These kinds of post and see what others are doing!!
But I will be honest, inspiration is not something I have a problem with. It is having the time to put it all together. I was up at 4 am with ideas sparking thru my head". See her shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/StuffByKim.

rrizzart said, "Coming across new materials, like papers, fabric, beads, inspires me. I always think, oooh I could really do something with that! I work at Michaels so fortunately I get lots of opportunities for inspiration - the trick is not giving in to every new neat thing and frittering away my paycheck on something I may never get around to making.

I also like to look through my favorite supply shops here - dimestoreemporium is my ultimate! - sometims finding just the right bead or charm can set off a whole new project.

And I also look at magazines - anything by Stampington Press, like Belle Armoire, or Somerset Life - the mixed media work is amazing & the photos are gorgeous!" See her shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/rrizzart.

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