Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Meet Madamesing

She's after my own heart. Oxydized Copper, Czech Aqua glass, and Swarovski Crystals attached to copper leverback earrings.

They measure 2 1/4" long from the lobe.


Meet Forgotten Lake Vintage


This new friend is also from the city of New Orleans. Forgotten Lake Vintage. The shop is part of Handmade Louisiana Etsy team. Classic and cozy! This traditionally-styled, nordic wool cardigan sweater is made in Norway and gives you that Fair Isle/ski lodge look. The background is cream with a light and dark gray pattern and gray edging around the entire sweater and cuffs. The buttons are silver-tone metal with raised images of moose and pine trees on them. Grab a hot toddy and snuggle in by the fire.

Meet Bayou Salvage


History of the Wrist Cuff
Fashion historians originally thought that the cuff had descended from the Napoleonic era,
when the chemise came into fashion and the cuff needed to be secured at the wrist. However, anthropologists and Mayan experts have found hundreds of examples of leather cuffs that were worn as early as “several thousand years B.C” to indicate one’s status or rank and also one’s family affiliation. This custom was not exclusively a Mayan tradition, Egyptians, Incans and Celts all wore cuffs to indicate tribal ties.The most common adornment was a simple leather band with a flower in the center of the wrist. It was said that this cuff in combination with other status accessories instantly communicated one’s wealth & status. Yet even those with the lowest social standing could be found with this simple testament of filial bonds.

New Year New Vintage

Take a look at this treasury. When we are stuck at home it is the best place to be on the face of earth.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Etsy Listed 3 Piece Custom Made Wooden Boat, Trailer, Truck Toy SOLD


This item was made by a Cajun man in Chauvin, Louisiana south of Houma where the red fish are usually biting and the trout are as good as they get. The 3-piece custom made American hardwood toy will take your child's attention with moving wheels, take apart trailer and removable, stand alone boat. It is unlike store-bought toys in that you can see the carved wood and pin size nail holes. Little details are head lights, tail lights, hub caps, detachable trailer and fishing boat with motor. The truck measures 8" length x 3-1/2" wide. The boat trailer is 9-1/2" length x 4-1/2" wide. The boat is 8-1/2" length 3" wide.

See my other collectibles at www.etsy.com/shop/rockysprings1984.

New Year New Friends


This new friend is from New Orleans. I really take a like/love to this rustic cargo skirt. $54. Support New Orleans when you shop.

New Year New Vintage

The name of my shop came from our family's favorite place on the Natchez Trace. There we escaped the day to day stresses, unknown futures, the things that had changed and the things that remained the same. We go back to touch base with what is now and what once was in our lives.

Rocky Springs Methodist Church. Site Marker: This church was built in 1837 by the Methodist congregation of Rocky Springs. Earlier the town had been a station for a circuit-riding preacher who stopped by only once or twice a month. The Church is preserved by the former congregation members who hold regular services here and gather here at an annual "homecoming" each spring. This church is on top of the hill near Rocky Springs Campground where we spent many hours after living in Jackson, MS and Ames, IA.