Collecting Vintage Shoes and All Kinds of Things

The wonderful thing with being a collector of many vintage items is I end up with all kinds of little boxes and things. It's no wonder that when my husband needed a bag that wouldn't leak when he filled it with ice and placed the bag of ice on his ailing shoulder that I had the perfect thing. In my collection I had a Comfort Bag. No really, a folding ice cap water bottle bag for cold and hot applications from the 50s or 60s. It even had the original box. So I filled the comfort bag with water and placed it in the freezer for the afternoon treatment. I have lots of vintage. Take these red, white and blue shoes in a size 9. You might think they look like a great clown outfit but no, at one time, these were very cool and complimented navy slacks and a red shirt. That was the 70's. So what are you collecting today?



  1. Hello Rocky, these shoes remind me of 'Jam' shoes from England in the 80s. I love vintage shoes, are the brogues US? Cheers Howard.

    1. Hi there!

      These were definitely made in the US in the 70's so ten years earlier than Jam shoes in England. Aren't they just delightful?

      Thanks for the note.


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