Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vintage Gold Watch Doubles As Brooch

" So I sit listening to the thunder outside, roaring ever so gently. You know the big storm's heading this way but not quite yet. We have a few minutes of quiet time. Time to think about who might have worn this pendant. Oh, I am sure it was my mother or my aunt. Of course, it looked great with a turtleneck sweater or white pantsuit of the 70's. The clock hung upside down so that the lady could glance down and see when the day would come to an end. When would it be time for her medication? When would she do the dishes or write a diary entry? It was a gentler time with no Facebook, internet, cell phones or text messages. Twitter was something she did when she was nervous and had to walk home in the dark. Oh, the stories the watch pendant could tell.

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